Cafe Specialists Pura Flusso -NSF/ANSI Certified All Purpose Drinking Water Filtration System

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Brand Origin Singapore
Brand name Cafe Specialists
Brand Origin Singapore
Warranty 1 Year Warranty from Manufacturers’ Defects
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Most recommended to use on Coffee Machines.

Very easy to install with an instruction booklet provided. Pura Flusso Water Filter with super simple plug-and-play install design. It takes less than 3 minutes for system installation, 2 sec changing of filter. No professional help required. This system has a high flow rate, it can reach to over 60PSI.

Pura Flusso Water Filter System bears major Authoritative Certifications on markets, such as NSF/ANSI 42. NSF/ANSI 42 tested reduces Chlorine, Taste and Odour for 20000 Gallons capacity. Significantly improving the taste of drinking water to provide pure-tasting water, while retaining minerals beneficial to the human body.

Tested by NSF/ANSI 42 for large filtration capacity of 20000 Gallons when used municipal water. Significantly longer life than other filters. Recommended to replace filter every 20000 gallons for 5 Years for better filtration. Pura Flusso filter uses advanced and precise measurement technology, combined with 3D multi-dimensional design technology to ensure that our products fully match and do not leak water.

BPA-free and food-grade materials. Pura Flusso Water Filtration System is made from advanced coconut shell carbon and is Certified by Authoritative organizations for Material safety. The Outer layer is 0.5 Micron, ensuring better filtration. The carbon blocks have been independently tested to heavy metals, large sediments, and all other dangerous impurities.

Only for COLD WATER LINE. Directly connect to the original faucet without countertop hole. Suitable for faucets with 1/2″ or 3/8″ FEMALENPT thread. A different connection type, please contact us BEFORE purchase. Can be quickly installed in your kitchen, bathroom, bar, RV or office to meet daily water needs. Ideal for drinking, cooking, making coffee, pet water, houseplants, humidifier, skincare, cleaning, etc.

Warranty of 1 year for manufacturers’ defects.