Cafe Specialists Premium Kenya AA 100% Arabica Coffee Bean Bars 2 x 500g


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Brand Origin Singapore
Expiry 1 Year from Manufacturing Date
Storage instructions Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight. Do not leave coffee near places with a lot of odors.
User manual – Can be brewed using any method.
– Best before date of expiration.
– Standard boiling water for a good cup of coffee is at a temperature of about 90~93 degrees Celsius.
– To prevent the coffee from burning, pour boiling water slowly into the coffee powder.
Packing Convenient 250g – 500gr bags.
Ingredient 100% Coffee Beans
Characteristics: Kenya AA beans are regarded for their rich body, bright mouthfeel, and intense floral taste.
Along with the floral notes expect to  hints of tropical fruit, berries, and wine.
While the coffee can have a rich body, it is almost always tempered by a bright and refreshing acidity.
This is an exquisite coffee with an assertive, lively personality.
AA is a  grading term that refers to a specific, larger than normal, bean size. Kenya  beans, for example, pass through Grade 18 (18/64″ diameter) sieve perforations.
Roast level: Medium
Roasting days: Mon – Fri (Working days excluding Sat-Sun, Public Holidays)
Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 32 × 17 × 19 cm