Urnex Grinder Cleaner Grindz 430g


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Brand Origin American
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Brand name URNEX
Brand Origin America
Expiry 3-4 Years from Manufacturing Date
Storage instructions Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight. Do not leave coffee near places with a lot of odors.
User manual – Removes coffee oils and grind particles from burrs and casings without disassembling the grinder.
– DO NOT use with integrated grinders in superautomatic machines (use SUPERGRINDZ for this application)
– Formulated from all natural, plant-based ingredients. Does not contain phosphates.
– All ingredients are food safe.
– 430 g jar.
Packing 430g Bottled Tablets

Step 1: Empty all coffee from grinder.

Step 2: Add Grindz Grinder Cleaning Tablets – use 1 capful (35-40 g) for espresso grinders or 2 capsful (70-80 g) for shop grinders.

Step 3: Adjust grinder to medium setting and operate.

Step 4: To purge, repeat above process twice with coffee.

NOTE **Do not use in superautomatic machine grinders**